KITCHEN TOWELS, Tea Towel, Linens VINTAGE "Swan Brand" Sslmon 100 % Cotton Original 1890's Food Label from the Great Pacfic Northwest.


KITCHEN TOWEL VINTAGE, Tea Towel. "History in the Making". The artwork is silkscreened printed, a finely detailed reproduction of an original Salmon can Label. At the turn of the century beautiful art adorned the cans lining the shelves of local grocers.

Add a unique touch of art to your kitchen and it's practical too!

Tea Towel is fabricated with 100% cotton so that it is durable and lasting. The 4 color silkscreen process is used so that the design of the towel can retain the fine details of the original label, allowing also for multiple washings and can be put in the dryer too. The colors will not fade as they would with the more common digital printing process.

Size 18" x 26".

The History behind the art: When German inventor Alois Senefelder's chromolithography printing came to the US, it was used to produce beautifully detailed labels between the years 1890 and 1925. As many as twenty colors were blended to give the appearance of a detailed painting. Stippling was used extensively for shading.

This intricate and historic art style is now featured on our unique line of 100% cotton PASTowels®.

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