"The ART of the Label"

I have always had an interest in drawing and design. When I moved to New Orleans from Oregon, I was enthralled with the city's culture, the architecture, the colors, the sounds and its history. New Orleans has many festivals and the festival posters were very sought after, mostly produced in silkscreen at the time. With so many themes for Louisiana artwork from Alligators to Zydeco, I continued designing posters that depicted Jazz Musicians, Cafe du Monde, historic architecture, and Mardi Gras.

When the poster market slowed down, my company G2 Ltd. started reproducing the best posters in the city (created by many artists at the time) on to large postcards, they were still frameable but much less expensive as a card, and cost a lot less to frame. The first line was called Great Cards for Great People®. Over many years and up to now, I produced Regional photographic lines of many cities, towns and a few tropical islands. This has fulfilled my "wanderlust". I love to travel and take photos as I go!

"The Art of the Label:"
One of the most unique and popular lines created over the years is entitled PAST Cards®. G2 Ltd. licensed the trademarked collection of obsolete labels from Archives, Inc. of Louisiana. These unique labels adorned cans, crates, boxes, etc. in the late 1800's. These labels most produced here in New Orleans, are the finest artwork rendered on labels in the United States, and perhaps in the world. The cards have been so popular and people love to frame them for their kitchens.

Because of their popularity and colorful, unique designs, I have expanded the graphics from the card line into kitchen towels: PASTowels®, Past Magnets®and PASTin® rusted-look metal signs.

These are great, fun and colorful additions to your kitchen, and make awesome gifts. The metal signs can be hung in any room, they just cannot be exposed to the weather. You can hang them under a deep porch, but they cannot get wet.

The towels wash and dry great, they are four color CMYK printed, so they last longer than digitally printed towels. They are printed on 100% cotton.

The magnets are fun artwork for your refrigerator. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

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