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All the fun began thirty years ago for G2 Ltd., our publishing company, with the design of two Mardi Gras posters. One was very unique and ended up selling well, encouraging us to create many more New Orleans/Louisiana themed posters over the years. In a city where there is a festival celebrating everything from Crawfish to Okra, many fests showcased their event in the great art medium of silkscreen. We had many great, talented poster artists around, and still do. The city’s shop walls also were adorned with artwork on many different offset posters celebrating themes of New Orleans: Jazz, Food, Mardi Gras and its’ unique historic architecture.

As more and more collectors’ posters started accumulating under beds still in tubes because they were too expensive to frame, we decided to talk to the artists and gather a collection of the best posters in town and reduce them down to a large postcard size. The smaller size images could be framed inexpensively.

Thus began the first unique line entitled Great Cards for Great People™.” This graphic art line was our first, followed by: Classic Cards for Classy People”™ (hand-colored black and white photographs by Tracy L. Smith), Jazz A-Z (aren’t you glad we didn’t name the line Jazzy Cards for Jazzy people?), Past Cards nostalgic food Label Reproductions, Cuisine Art ™ Recipe Cards, MiniARTures, NovelMarkers™ bookmarks, and most recently our beautiful triple – embossed photographic line entitled The American “Seen.™

We are proud to publish card lines that are “unique enough to frame” available in many fine destinations throughout the U.S. and in the Caribbean. We bring them all together in one place here at and offer them to you at very reasonable pricing.

Please keep on checking back, we will be producing more fun products using our extensive collection of classic graphic and photographic images. We also license the rights to any image that may catch your eye, just contact us directly to discuss your idea with us.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at our images as much as we have enjoyed producing them for you. Happy browsing!

Contact us at with any questions and/or suggestions on how to improve this site.

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